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Apraxia Kids

What is apraxia and what are the signs of it in kids?

Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS) is a motor speech disorder that makes it difficult for kids to speak. Children with apraxia of speech often find it hard to process the difference between written words and spoken ones, so they may read aloud slowly and laboriously. In addition, they also have trouble using grammar in writing. So while their language is clear when they speak, it is not so easy to decipher in writing because of faulty punctuation or confusing word order. Children with apraxia may also have difficulty playing games that require all sorts of verbalization, like Simon Says or Red Light Green Light. They find it hard to follow multi-step directions (e.g., brush your teeth, then wash your face). Apraxia is often accompanied by difficulties with self-expression, memory, and nonverbal communication. Approximately 70 percent of individuals diagnosed with apraxia have some accompanying trouble with receptive language such as difficulty understanding what is read to them or stated to them.

How does the Apraxia Kids Foundation help families affected by apraxia?

Apraxia Kids Foundation provides resources to help families affected by apraxia of speech, which causes problems with the muscles that control speech. These difficulties occur even though the brain has fully developed and there are no other neurological issues present. The organization provides parents and caregivers of children with apraxia the information they need to advocate for their child, as well as access to special programs and events. It focuses on empowering individuals with apraxia through educational and social opportunities.

"Every dollar raised helps support children with apraxia of speech. I believe in the work Apraxia Kids does to strengthen the support systems in the lives of children with apraxia so that each child is afforded their best opportunity to develop to their full potential. This is why we spread awareness!”


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What are some of the programs and resources offered by the foundation?

Apraxia Kids offers a variety of programs to help children and their families affected by this condition. These include annual conferences, online communication between professionals in the field that offer information on treatment plans for various levels as well opportunities for parents who are going through similar struggles with apraxia symptoms! There are also social gatherings where they can meet other people struggling just like them. These programs help children and families impacted by apraxia overcome their difficulties.

How can you get involved with the Apraxia Kids Foundation or donate to them?

If you know someone who lives in the U.S. and has a child that may be affected by apraxia, you can refer them to Apraxia Kids Foundation. They provide evaluations and referrals to treatment centers that specialize in apraxia of speech. You can also help financially with the Apraxia Kids Foundation by donating here. Every dollar helps! Lastly, if you are involved in research or have expertise in apraxia of speech, you may want to share your knowledge by volunteering with Apraxia Kids.


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