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"Fashion + Compassion"

Looking to snag some GoTies for your charitable organization? Drop us a line and we'll talk! We love helping you make the lives of others better.


Meet Adam Lucero


During his military career, Adam Lucero developed qualities like determination and endurance, along with the mad technical skills expected from a Blackhawk helicopter pilot. He’s always been an experimenter and inventor, with several patents to his credit. It’s not always been an easy road, but Adam, a former U.S. Army Captain, adds GoTie Founder and CEO to his bio.

“Anyone who has done or achieved great things has had equally great odds and difficulties; I've had my share. Remembering that each day is a chance to be kind, giving, and a healer through our actions and words is key.”

A Better Necktie


Adam’s desire to find better ways of doing things eventually led to fashion. Adam knew that many men — husbands balancing family and a demanding career with little time to do so, seniors with arthritis, men with motor skill challenges — have good reasons for avoiding traditional ties. Also recognizing that everyone should have the benefits that stylish and professional fashion provides, he set out to improve on the traditional tie that requires time, consistent adjustment, and ample dexterity. Countless hours of trial and error evolved into this: an ingeniously designed necktie with a built-in adjustable, prefect-every-time slide knot that never comes undone.


Knot Your Typical Business


Although the GoTie collection now includes hundreds of necktie designs plus other stylish accessories, a great-looking fashion statement is not the whole picture. Adam’s heart of service completes the business equation.

“The most pivotal and most cherished moment in GoTie’s evolution was a conversation I had with a disabled Veteran asking if I offered a military discount. He had lost an arm from an IED in Afghanistan and couldn't tie a tie. I sent him the tie at no charge. When I heard from him again through email, he said it felt like he got a piece of himself back - his independence. It touched me tremendously, and in that moment I realized GoTie wasn't just solving a problem - it was restoring heroes.”

Which brings us to GoTie’s mission.

"Fashion + Compassion"


Making a Difference Together



With every purchase from GoTie, a GoTie, BoTie or a percentage of profits from other products are donated to one of the several incredible organizations close to the hearts of Adam and his wife, Megan, a speech language pathologist who treats children with autism, cleft palate, Down syndrome and other health issues.

“I've been blessed with an idea that can both help others and allow our customers to join us as givers. Together with our customers, our efforts will be multiplied and we can make someone's life a little better.”

GoTie’s mission is to serve and honour through innovation. GoTie’s philosophy is not only innovative but inclusive. Even GoTie’s signature gold and black brand colors were chosen with a purpose: to honour the brave aviators of WWII, who commonly painted these hues on their aircraft. Will you join us on this journey?