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"Fashion + Compassion"

Looking to snag some GoTies for your charitable organization? Drop us a line and we'll talk! We love helping you make the lives of others better.


Fashion Meets Philanthropy


At GoTie,we craft every tie with a built-in, perfectly tied knot that will never come undone. Our patented design is a game-changer for those served by the organizations GoTie supports. Each holding a special place in the hearts of Adam, our Founder and CEO, a U.S. Army Captain with deep military roots, and his wife Megan, a speech language pathologist who treats children with speech difficulties arising from issues like Autism, Down Syndrome, cleft palate, and other health issues.

Kickstart Kids


Chuck Norris has long been admired for his martial arts skills and disciplined
approach to life. With Kickstart Kids, Chuck teaches children and teens
character through karate. The skills learned go beyond martial arts to building a foundation for a successful life. Your purchase allows young men to “dress the part” when applying for college or their first job with the self-assurance they need to reach their goals.


Gary Sinise Foundation


The Gary Sinise Foundation honors and supports our nation’s defenders,
veterans and first responders. Through your purchase, GoTie is able to
continue their support of the many creative and vital programs the Foundation provides. As Gary Sinise says, “While we can never do enough to show gratitude to our nation's defenders, we can always do a little more.”

Apraxia Kids Foundation


The Apraxia Kids Foundation, or apraxiakids.org, supports and gives a voice to those children with Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS). Everyone deserves a way to communicate, and the Apraxia Kids Foundation is the leading non-profit organization that supports children who have CAS and their families through advocacy, education and outreach. Through your purchase, GoTie is able to continue their support to help our little ones express themselves in world where every voice matters.

Night to Shine


Created by the Tim Tebow Foundation, Night to Shine is an annual prom night experience for those with special needs. Given Megan’s work with special needs children, she is thrilled GoTie customers are impacting the lives within this community providing a GoTie or BoTie as a stylish punctuation mark to their prom attire.