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Argent Gold Blue Striped Tie

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Argent Gold Blue Tie

Life just got a whole lot bolder with this GoTie. Our stunning Argent Gold Blue Striped Tie is a daring way to add color to your wardrobe. This handmade GoTie has sleek soft microfiber fabrics that make it comfortable and easy to maintain.

With a deep argent background paired with equally handsome blue and gold stripes spaced perfectly apart, you’ll be scrambling to find the perfect shirt to wear with it (Try our Navy GoTie Shirt!). Superb to wear almost anywhere, you’ll look powerful in this hassle-free Argent Gold Blue Striped Tie.


Traditional Tie Width and Length 3.25" x 58"

Pre-Tied Tie Width and Length 3.25 x As Long or Short as You Need