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The Hodgepodge Skinny Tie

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The Hodgepodge

A neat explosion of colors! The Hodgepodge Skinny Tie is super fun and a nifty kind of way. This GoTie is made from sleek, soft 100% microfiber fabrics. The rich assortments of colors are demanding attention from all.

A perfect mix of orange, blue, white, and burgundy, you’ll have a blast wearing this pre-tied, adjustable GoTie almost anywhere. Don’t shy away from the patterns and colors, you can totally pull this GoTie off! Love the comfort, spunkiness, and ease of The Hodgepodge Skinny Tie!


Traditional Tie Width and Length 3.25" x 58"

Pre-Tied Tie Width and Length 3.25 x As Long or Short as You Need