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Green Blue Small Checkered Traditional Tie

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Green Blue Checkered Traditional Tie

All ties wish they were as cool as this GoTie! Welcome to the elite club of fabulous neckties, Green Blue Small Checkered Skinny Tie! We are drooling over the color pairing! You’ll love the ease and comfort of the soft 100% microfiber fabrics. This GoTie’s color combinations include a funky green intermixed with a solid navy blue. The crisscross pattern gives the GoTie texture, as it creates a small-checkered pattern.

Don’t shy away from this versatile Green Blue Small Checkered Skinny Tie, as you’ll enjoy wearing it to work, parties, recitals, sporting events, and so on! This GoTie pairs perfectly with any of our white, black, silver, or navy blue GoTie Shirts. Limited supplies, so grab this Green Blue Small Checkered Skinny Tie today!


Traditional Tie Width and Length 3.25" x 58"