Aqua Plaid Skinny Tie

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Aqua Plaid Skinny Tie

The Aqua Plaid Skinny Tie is here and ready to take a stand. With its sleek soft microfiber fabrics, you’re going to be wishing you could wear this tie to more than just work or formal occasions (and you will!). You’re going to wish you had this GoTie if you don't have it already! 

Don’t shy away from it’s superb blue, white, and hints of green hues. The plaid pattern is elegant enough to wear to formal events, yet simple enough to wear doing your day-to-day tasks. Comfortable, affordable, and doable, the Aqua Plaid Skinny Tie is going to be your new go-to GoTie!


Traditional Tie Width and Length 3.25" x 58"

Pre-Tied Tie Width and Length 3.25 x As Long or Short as You Need