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Blue and Pink Mesh Pre-tied Tie

Navy Blue Pindot Pre-tied Tie
Phoenix Red Dotted Pre-tied Tie
Blue White Dotted Geometric Pre-tied Tie
Navy Blue Reflective Silver Dotted Pre-tied Tie
Red Blue Geometric Circled Pre-tied Tie
Black Pearl Dotted Pre-tied Tie
Burgundy Gold and Navy Geometric Pre-tied Tie
Baby Blue Dotted Skinny Tie
Red White Dotted Skinny Pre-tied Tie
Mustard Yellow Geometric Pre-tied Tie
Ruby Red Geometric Pre-tied Tie
Blue and Pink Mesh Pre-tied Tie
Navy Blue Constellations Pre-tied Tie
Light Pink Geometric Pre-tied Tie
Bright Purple Geometric Pre-tied Tie
Navy Silver Dotted Pre-tied Tie
Black with White Dots Skinny Pre-tied Tie
Purple White Dots and Stripes Skinny Pre-tied Tie
Navy-Red Geometric Pre-tied Tie
Black with Silver Circles Pre-tied Tie
Madison Avenue Skinny Pre-tied Tie
Light Purple with Silver Dots Skinny Pre-tied Tie
Light Blue and Yellow Geometric Pre-tied Tie
Black with Silver Dots- Pre-tied Tie

Blue and Pink Mesh

One GoTie to rule them all. This Blue Pink Mesh Pre-tied Tie is an outstanding way to brighten up your tie collection in the best way possible. Made with sleek, soft fabrics, this GoTie has a darling blue foundation with a mesh pink pattern woven on top. The shape and pattern of this pre-tied tie give a texture that is sure to have you running back to our store for more.

Great places to wear this GoTie include: you’re second cousin’s wedding, Mary-Ann’s baby shower, or little Jimmy’s tuba recital. They may not be the most fun outings, but you’re going to look sharp and well put together wearing our Blue and Pink Mesh Pre-tied Tie.

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