Blue Legion Pre-tied Tie

Blue Legion

A legion of blue stripes and colors make this an incredible looking GoTie. With easy colors and a great look, this Blue Legion Pre-tied Tie is a selection that would never be wrong. Wear this GoTie with confidence to any interview or outing and be sure you will make exactly the impression you intend. With rich woven textures, you can feel the workmanship in every thread of this high quality Blue Legion Pre-tied Tie. Made of 100% woven microfiber, you’ll enjoy this stain and wrinkle resistant GoTie for many years to come.


With a silky texture and fine hemming, the high-quality handmade workmanship of our Blue Legion Pre-tied Tie is apparent to the touch. Stain and wrinkle-resistant, it will stay looking sharp and stylish for years to come. Thanks to our patented knot technology, your days of stressing over getting your tie just right are over. Just slip on your pre-tied tie and head out the door. Order your GoTie today!

How GoTie Works

            • Never needs to be tied or untied – always ready to be slipped on
            • Fully adjustable: fits anyone from 5 ft. to 7 ft. tall in just seconds
            • Made of high-quality woven microfiber, it is stain and wrinkle resistant
            • With no zippers or unsightly clips, the GoTie looks just like a real tie
            • Can be worn as snug or as loose as you like, for a perfect fit
            • Never look up how to tie a tie again with our patented pre-tied tie