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Navy Blue Silver Stripe Skinny Traditional Tie

Navy Blue Silver Stripe Traditional Tie

We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy! This GoTie is so incredibly comfortable; it shouldn’t even be legal to wear (but it is!)! Introducing our Navy Blue Silver Stripe Tie to the Stripes Collection. It’s an amazing addition to the GoTie family with its rugged navy color paired with stellar silver stripes. This GoTie is made from 100% microfiber fabrics and makes for a perfect gift (to yourself!).

Enjoy the versatility of the GoTie, as you can wear it just about anywhere for any occasion. It’s easy to use pre-tied knot with a full adjustable tie will have you wishing it came in different colors (Guess what? It does!). Look sharp in this Navy Blue Silver Stripe Tie!


Traditional Tie Width and Length 3.25" x 58"