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Yellow Fleur De Lis Traditional Tie

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Yellow Fleur De Lis Traditional Tie

No, you don’t have to belong to a Yacht club to wear this GoTie (Although, that is a perfectly acceptable place to wear this tie). Our Yellow Fluer De Lis Tie is made from 100% microfiber fabrics that are sleek and soft to the touch. This elegant GoTie starts off with a handsomely yellow foundation and is topped off with beautiful navy colored Fleur De Lis positioned perfectly throughout the tie.

The bright yellow color is bold and catches the eye. Wear it for any event at almost any age, and feel confident knowing our Yellow Fleur De Lis Tie is comfortable, stylish, and convenient. Don’t miss out on owning this gem! Put it in your cart today!


Traditional Tie Width and Length 3.25" x 58"