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Kilt Plaid Tie

Kilt Plaid 

There are 177,147 ways to tie a tie (or so says the internet). Don’t mess around with tying a tie period. Our Kilt Plaid Tie is already tied for you; that is one less decision you have to make in your day. This GoTie is made from 100% microfiber fabrics, and sits on a deep blue background, with sheen silver stripes running in the opposite direction as the red and green stripes.

Enjoy wearing this GoTie not only to Christmas Parties, but work, school, your child’s recital, or your 30th Wedding Anniversary with the Mrs. Wherever you are going, just know the Kilt Plaid Tie is looking perfect every time!


Traditional Tie Width and Length 3.25" x 58"

Pre-Tied Tie Width and Length 3.25 x As Long or Short as You Need