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Benefits of a Clip-On Tie

Clip-on ties have endured their share of ridicule. But are they simply misunderstood? We’ll look at the positives, because that’s how we like to look at things.

The Case for Clip-On Ties

To make sure we’re all on the same page, let’s describe the subject matter: A clip-on tie comes with a pre-tied knot (usually a Four-in-Hand knot style) or a bow tie knot.

Unlike a regular necktie that wraps around your neck, a small metal clip behind the knot is attached to the front of the dress shirt of choosing.

Now let’s check out the reasons one may choose to wear a clip-on tie.

Ease and Convenience

The obvious appeal: No knot-tying required. This is attractive for many reasons, including decreased dexterity.

For example, our military heroes who have returned disabled, men who have suffered a stroke, or guys with any number of medical and physical issues may not be able to tie a tie.

There’s also preference. If you would simply rather have an extra cup of coffee in the morning before heading off to work, a clip-on tie gives you that luxury.

Consistent Look

There are no shortage of knot styles out there. In fact, there are dozens and dozens you can learn, and they all look different (even if some of the differences are minuscule).

But clip-on ties give you the same dependable look every time. With a clip-on tie, there is no wrinkling, which can happen with a regular tie when you tie and untie the knot over and over again, trying to get it just right.

Safety First

Are you a fan of action movies? If so, you know that the actors aren’t breaking real chairs over each other’s heads — they’re using break-away furniture built to collapse on impact, preventing severe injuries on set.

Clip-on ties function in a similar way, protecting the wearer from hazards. Think prison guards surrounded by criminals all day, factory managers hovering around dangerous machinery, or any profession where you may be at risk if your tie is pulled intentionally or accidentally.

School Children

Clip-on ties make great sense for children or teens that have not learned how to tie a tie. Schools that require uniforms often supply the clip-on variety of tie for safety during recess and P.E. classes.

Mom may also opt for clip-on ties over regular ties when dressing a squirmy boy for Aunt Ashley’s wedding. And who can blame her?

Then Again, There's GoTie

Clip-on ties will always have their audience. But if you can’t get past the tacky reputation of clip-ons, there’s an innovative alternative: GoTie. Ingeniously easy to wear thanks to a knot that’s already perfectly tied, GoTie neckwear is made by hand from high-quality fabrics in an array of cool designs and fashionable styles.

And if you’re fond of companies that give back, GoTie checks that box. Because for every GoTie you purchase, we will donate a GoTie to one of four charitable organizations close to our hearts. Not only do you walk away stylish, but so does someone in need. 

That’s a fashion win in our book.

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