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How to Tie a Bow Tie

We’ve heard it said that if you can tie shoelaces, you can tie a bow tie. Of course, when you were learning to tie your shoes, you had to suffer through a lot of trial and error before you “got it.” But once you got it, it was easy, right?

We’re shooting for easy here, too. 

Let’s give this a whirl.


Begin with the bow tie draped around your neck face up (seam side down). Make the right side shorter and the left side longer.


Move the longer side across the top of the shorter side.


Bring the longer side back, up and through the loop around your neck.


Fold the shorter end so it makes a bow shape in the center of your neck. You should have a loop behind the bow tie. Remember this loop.


Bring the longer end down across the middle of the bow shape.


Pinch the middle of the longer end back toward your chest.


Insert the pinched end through the loop we mentioned earlier.


Tug on the folded fabric on both ends of the bow tie, adjusting several times to make it snug.

Skip It and Go With a BoTie

There will always be guys who enjoy the challenge of tying a bow tie. But for those who prefer a simpler way — fathers or husbands balancing family demands, seniors with arthritis, or men with motor skill challenges, no worries, because there’s BoTie.

BoTie comes from the the same folks who designed the GoTie, an ingeniously designed necktie with patented slide knot technology. Like the GoTie, the BoTie features a permanent knot that won’t ever come untied. Each knot is designed to be slightly different in shape, like a hand-tied bow tie.

Give While You Get

BoTie also gives you the opportunity to be a hero. For every BoTie you purchase, we give back to one of four charities we love. These four organizations serve men of all ages who are unable to tie traditional bow ties and regular ties, but deserve the benefits that stylish and professional fashion provides just like everyone else.

While you enjoy your BoTie, a young man with Down Syndrome will go to prom for the first time, looking as great as he feels. Or a veteran will feel pride as he walks his daughter down the aisle.

Bow tie vs. BoTie? To us, the choice is obvious. 

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